Mimi Gueche grew up in Paris. After finishing her university studies in English philology in France, she decided to embark on a new adventure in Barcelona. Since arriving in Spain, she’s worked for more than 15 years in business and communications but recently decided to redirect her energy toward studying the physical and psychological development of children, a topic she has always been passionate about.

For Mimi, the vitality and authenticity of kids is what inspired her to create entreZebras in 2020. entreZebras is a multidisciplinary educational and creative space in Gràcia, with a philosophy focused on respect for the environment and the natural growth of children.

Creativity is at the heart of everything they do, celebrating the uniqueness of each child and helping them to develop their imagination, discover their own talents and creative capacity in a warm and joyful environment. The space itself reflects this desire to create an inspiring home-away-from-home, with cozy, recycled and antique furniture and large custom-made wood tables. entreZebra’s educational programming is very hands-on, with courses ranging from drawing, painting and other traditional artistic techniques to sewing, knitting, DIY, magic, theatre and gardening. All of these activities push kids to explore their creative sides while developing new skills. Here is a selection of the types of activities they offer throughout the year:

  • Creative workshops and after school activities
  • Free play
  • Holiday camps
  • Birthday parties

To book any of entreZebra’s activities, search “entreZebra” on mobile.toddl.co.

  • Website: www.entrezebras.com
  • Instagram: @entrezebras
  • Ages: Primarily ages 3-12, but there will soon be a new miniZebras program for kids ages 1-3 and special offerings for adults on Saturdays
  • Hours: Monday 4-7:30pm, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10-7:30pm, Friday 10-6pm and Saturday 10-2pm
  • Language: Spanish, French & English
  • Address: Carrer de Pere Sarafi, 15v (Gràcia)