We recently sat down with Chardae Schnabel, owner of Mindfulness with Char, an exciting new Barcelona-based business offering mindfulness courses and one-on-one emotional intelligence sessions and coaching for kids.

Where are you from originally?

I’m originally from Toronto, Canada

How long have you been living in Barcelona?

3 years

Tell us more about your background and experience.

I’ve always been interested in human behaviour, understanding why we are the way we are and using that knowledge to help individuals connect to themselves. I received my BA Honours degree in Psychology in Canada, before heading to

China to work in international schools for 6 years. In 2020, I moved to Spain to complete my Masters in Developmental Psychology – it was a clinical masters (which focused on treatment and assessment) and the thesis component explored mental health programs in education. Throughout and during the process of receiving more formal education, I also worked as a behavioural interventionist, volunteered at crisis lines and hosted professional development workshops for mental health professionals and educators.

When did you start Mindfulness with Char?

Working at international schools throughout Spain and China, I noticed a need for a shift in priority to emphasise the importance of mental health. With that in mind, I launched Mindfulness with Char at the the beginning of this year.

What activities/services do you offer?

MWC originally started out offering after school activities for children centred around emotional regulation.

Today, I also offer one-on-one sessions, which work on understanding the important information our emotions can tell us through connecting with the body. Emotional Intelligence Assessments (EQ-i:YV) are included in one-on-one sessions which evaluate (using self-report questionnaires) the emotional and social functioning of children (ages 7-18). This July, I’ll also be offering a Mindful Summer Camp, with fun, interactive activities that encourage creative thinking and build resilience. Using a play-based approach, we’ll structure our days around creating a safe space to explore and celebrate our individual personalities. Emotional intelligence assessments are also available during the summer camp, upon request.

mindfulness with char - Provider Profile: Mindfulness with Char

What is your teaching philosophy?

The best approach to working with children, as they are all so unique, is a holistic one that allows for flexibility, adaptability and differentiation. The methodology applied combines the research I conducted while completing my Masters thesis on a wide variety of mental health programs.

The program is specifically catered to each child that steps through the door, taking into account their strengths, preferences and responses to each activity.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I offer free consultation calls for anyone who is interested in hearing more about the services offered. They’re very useful as it’s important, as parents, to have the opportunity to explain the objective of the session, as well as the individual needs of the child.

  • Website: www.mindfulnesswithchar.com
  • Instagram: @mindfulchildren.bcn
  • Hours: Monday to Friday from 10am – 8pm
  • Ages: 3 – 18 years
  • Language: English and Spanish
  • Neighbourhood: Eixample, Poblenou & Poble Sec