Radha Ovalles, Founder & Director of Little Makers (@littlemakers.es), started her career in the corporate sector where she worked as a business manager, planner and consultant.

When she moved with her family from her homeland in Venezuela to the Netherlands, she was a new mom keen to continue building her career while taking care of her young child.

A psychologist by training, Radha also had expertise in cognitive and emotional development; and so she decided to start a programme for young children to experiment, create and have fun while also nurturing curiosity, positive parenting and freedom of expression.

Radha spent the next three years building her new business while developing an expertise in early child development. With Little Makers (formerly My Little Van Gogh), she has created an innovative program of fun and educational activities that allow kids to explore, create and get messy. Her workshops offer a truly unique and memorable full-body artistic experience.

In 2018, life brought her to Barcelona. At this point, her business was so successful that Radha decided to seize the opportunity: while she was setting up the business in her new city and taking classes to train in art development, she started to work on setting up a franchise model: this would allow her activity in Amsterdam to continue to grow while making Little Makers available to families across Europe.

Today, Little Makers has franchises in Amsterdam, Toulouse and Bordeaux. Next one? Stay tuned…

The Barcelona center in Grácia is currently running a regular schedule of activities but in limited group size: maximum 6 families or 15 kids from the same school class.

In-person activities include:

  • Workshops: parent-child workshops and after school classes to explore, create and get messy
  • Private workshops: book a private art club for you and your friends or just your family
  • Arty party: the little artists will enjoy a 2 or 3 hours party painting, modeling, exploring and getting messy with their friends
  • Mini campus: themed hands on workshops on Saturday or Sunday for children 5 to 10 years old; 3 hours to enjoy and learn
  • Camps: every school holiday for creative children ages 4 to 10 years old

Products include:

  • Little Box (4-9 years)
  • Mini Box (1-4 years): coming soon!

To book any of Little Maker’s activities, search “Little Makers” on mobile.toddl.co.

  • Website: www.littlemakers.eu
  • Instagram: @littlemakers.es
  • Ages: 10 months – 10 years
  • Language: Spanish and English
  • Schedule: Monday – Sunday Neighbourhood: Gràcia