With the COP26 climate summit taking place this month, we have sustainable consumption on our minds. Giving kids the gift of experiences is of course one amazing and low-impact option, and we’ll be sharing some of our favourite kids’ activity-providers who are offering gift cards this holiday season.

But we all know the pleasure kids get from unwrapping gifts on Christmas morning, and our friends at Kidalos have another wonderful alternative. Founded by Barcelona-based Andrea and Vanesa Enríquez, two talented female entrepreneurs (and twin sisters!), Kidalos is a subscription service for educational and sustainable toys for kids ages 1-7.

Kidalos toys come from reference brands and local artisans, and every toy is classified according to its educational benefit, for example: science, memory activation or creativity. Through their subscription formula, parents can choose exactly which toys their children receive – monthly or bi-monthly – and toys always arrive cleaned and sanitized with 100% natural and organic detergent.

Toys are fundamental to children’s cognitive, gross-motor and social development, but did you know that the average toy only has about a 3 month lifespan? Kidalos provides a new way for kids to enjoy more of what they love, while helping families to save money and avoid the accumulation of stuff. And more importantly, reducing the impact of our consumption on the planet!

Stay tuned here and on the toddl.co Instagram page – we’ll be running a promotion with Kidalos later this month!